Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am a child of royal birth,
my father and mother are king and queen of heaven and earth,
my spirit was born in the courts on high,
a child beloved,
a prince am i,
i was nurtured there,
i lived by their side,
in a home where patience and love abide,
my mother was there in that holy place,
blessing her children with queenly grace.

I grew to the stature that spirits grow,
i gained the knowledge i needed to know,
i was taught the truth,
i know the plan,
that Christ,
the Goddess have laid out for humans,
i was there when the stars of morning sang,
i mingled my voice when the heavens sang,
i was there to rejoice,
praise and applaud,
the shouts of joy from the sons and daugthers of God/dess.

i waited my turn and came to earth,
through the wonderful channel of human birth,
then the curtains were drawn and the past was gone,
on the future too the curtains were drawn,
i live on this earth the God/dess willed it so,
with freedom to choose the way i should go,
i must search the truth,
i must serve and obey,
i must walk by true faith many miles of the way.

Someday i will return,
i will answer the call,
i will return with my record to my father and mother of all,
the books will be opened and so will my heart,
and there will be rejoicing,
if i have done my part,
my father the king and mother the queen,
will welcome me back to their mansion above,
the curtains will be closed and eternity,
in all its light and glory will be opened up to me.

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