Thursday, May 25, 2017


After the attack in Manchester, were 22 innocent people were killed, with quite a few of them being young children, with a further 69 injured, and thousands traumatized throughout the four corners of the earth, the question many are asking is, "WHERE IS GOD IN 2017?"
I asked the same question myself, in my childhood, after 10 years of psychical, mental abuse, and 6 months of sexual abuse, and years of suicide attempts and self harming, and years of drink and drug abuse, two serious sectarian attacks, which saw me in hospital for weeks, due to the religious conflict, hate, and bigotry in my own country of Northern Ireland, yet even through all this, I prayed constantly to God and Jesus for peace of mind, and an end to the pain of childhood.
All i wished for in my childhood was peace in my country, I mean, as friends, Roman Catholic and Protestant, we hung out with each other daily with no problem, granted our Protestant friends backed off when the twelve of the July came along, which was their parents doing and not our friends, once more adults putting their religious beliefs and views upon young shoulders, who cared not for their parents religions, or punishments, which only put obstacles towards their children's growth into adulthood.
Even today, in 2017, divisions are still a problem in my own fair land, Northern Ireland, though the young are beginning to mix more than ever before, and seeing the earth, as they travel among foreign Nations, even meeting with peoples who are different in Culture and Traditions than they are.
The problem is, religion still plays a big part in many parts of the earth, with many Nations are war with each other, as never before.
Add in the immigrant crisis, which is only going to get worse this 2017, allowing even more battled hardened nuts into many European Nations, who care not for themselves, let alone others.
Jews, Christians and Muslims, to mention the three established religions have given up on God, long ago.
Oh they speak of the Love of God, well at least the Christians do, but all three, are Hellbent on exterminating each other, at the hands of their earth leaders and their armies and weaponry.
It use to be teaching, that if you kill one human being, it was like killing God himself, now thousands die weekly, and especially women and children, and God love those who live with daily bombings, killing, ruined lives, cities, towns, with millions fleeing the lands of their birth, which they did not want to do, and the 60 million starving on the earth, they always say, "Its God's will", I even heard a woman recently from Syria say, after her family had been wiped of the face of the earth, "I must have done something bad in a past life, for God to punish me so."
How sad.
Yet even with such pain, she still believed in God, or at least the God of her traditional teachings, who is single, jealous, vengeful and wrathful, who brought this evil to her door.
The son God of an Old Testament, who is most certainly not God Most High, our Heavenly Father, and Father of this Lord, God, who's name is Jealous.
After World War 11, many Jews turned their back on God, even putting Him on trail, as they waited to be exterminated in their death camps throughout Europe.
The Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel who lived only for God in his childhood, who was loyal to the Jewish Law, Torah and the Talmud, and as a child spent his time in Auschwitz and also in Bachenwald.
On his first night, after his mother and sister had been murdered, and awaiting being burned, Elie lost his faith in God, as his mother and sister burned, for ever.
To Elie, as with many today in 2017, this earth was a Godless place to live, and just like Nietzsche lamented, 'Never should I forget the nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all eternity, of the desire to live', 'Never shall I forget these moments which murdered my God and my Soul and turned my dreams to dust.'
Such powerful words, from one so young.
He also remembered the day the Gestapo hanged a child.
Even the SS were disturbed by the prospect of hanging a child, even though they were gasing and burning them daily, but hanging a child in front of thousands did not go down well with even the hardened SS.
Elie recalled, the poor child, 'Had a face of a "Sad eyed Angel" totally silent, pale faced and calm as he ascended the steps to the gallows.
Behind Elie, one Jew asked, "WHERE IS GOD?"
A question millions are asking today in 2017, even the Bishop of Canterbury is doubting God Most High in these latter days.
It took the child half an hour to die, while his fellow Jews were made to watch such evil, and look at the child in the face while slowly dying.
Then the same man asked again, "WHERE IS GOD NOW?"
Then Elie heard a voice speak within him, "WHERE IS HE?"
"Here he is-He is hanging here on the gallows."
After Holocaust, millions of Jews lost their faith in the God they believed in for thousands of years.
All were asking the question, "if God was Omnipotent, He could have stopped the Holocaust, and Manchester, and Northern Ireland, and Syria and Yemen, and the list goes on and on.
So, as many were thinking, and saying, if He was unable to stop the Holocaust, He is impotent and useless, if he could have stopped it, but chose not to, then He is a monster, as Stephen Fry once called him, which has now found him in trouble with the Irish Government, for blasphemy, because some religious crank decided to report him two years after the fact, crazy.
Many in the death camps of Europe continued to read their Torah and Talmud, but they did not do because of any God, any longer, but they gave them strength in such dark places.
Also in Auschwitz, a group of Jews put their God on trial, charging him with cruelty and betrayal, and like Job, they found no consolation in the usual answers to the problem of evil, which was, 'don't worry, because one day it will end, and we'll all live in paradise, if you keep your belief.'
The Jews in Auschwitz found their God guilty, and worthy of death.
Then the Rabbi, read out the verdict.
Then he looked up and said, 'right the trial is over:
now its time for evening prayers.'
The children of this earth have long given up on any God above, and all because of adults freewill, to either do good or evil, and the adults choose evil, division, war, hate, bigotry, racism, homo-phobia etc...
Which they try to project upon their children today, who wish to have nothing to do with  their ways of evil and madness.
For 10,000 years of Monotheism, this earth and its peoples have been at war, and all for a single, jealous, vengeful, wrathful son God, who claims to be God Most High, his Heavenly Father.
Turn from your Synagogues, Churches and Mosques, for they have no answers for you, or solution to the evil they have brought forth with their divisions and hate.
The Christ told you how to pray, in your room, in private, He did not ask you to build massive buildings dripping with gold, jewels and pearls, or to divide into 100,000's of denominations and sects, all of which are divided against each other.
Christianity alone have over 40,000 denominations of their different branches, which is truly a divided house.
Even though Joshua/Jesus ask you to become one in Christ.
You make a mockery of the Divine, and i tell you this, the Immortal Human Beings above will not be mocked, regardless if you call them God, Gods or Goddess's, this those who continue with their evil will find out in the not so distance future.
This Living Soul/Spirit, and Child of Wisdom will say it now, for all those who have been abused and died at the hands of those who represent the Lord, God, who's name is Jealous, through their division, wars, hate, bigotry, racism, homophobia etc..
And the Church of Rome, Irish Government or any religious organisation or Country can take me to court for my words, but Fcuk your single, jealous, vengeful, wrathful son God, who claims to be God Most High, and Fcuk his disciples of evil regardless of their housing, be they Jew, Christian or Muslim.
They know not our Heavenly Father or Mother, the Holy Spirit/Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Ruh al-Qudus, the Most High God and Goddess, who will make their presence known upon the four corners of the earth, in days not far off.
You are not alone, and never have been.
The earth is a school for learning the difference between good and evil, and we, the children of the Most High's must learn that difference.
At present darkness is covering the Light, but that is temporal, and will not continue for much longer.
Though this is little consolation for the families in Manchester or others parts of the earth at war, at present.
Just know, the Elders above are not far off in these latter days, and are watching closely the madness of mankind.
And though your loved ones have left the Hell of this earth, their Souls are now free, and Living in the Dominions and Principalities, so be strong, because you will meet them again, in a time not far off.
The young ones who are carrying out these evil acts, worldwide, are totally lost, but even worse than that, they are schooled in such evil by older adults, who are so engrossed by their warped ideologies, they even believe in them without question.
Many ask the question, "WHERE IS GOD" and if you watch the madness of earthly human beings, especially in these latter days, you would think, as the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is thinking in this latter days, "WHERE IS GOD?"
And the answer is, the Divine Council above, including the Most High God and Goddess, the Holy Spirit/Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Ruh al-Qudus cannot override your freewill, unless, you as an individual ask for intervention in your life.
The problem is Peeps, few know how to ask for intervention/help anymore, and even less pray to the Divine anymore.
So not even the Most High God or Goddess, our Heavenly Father and Mother can intervene in the goings on of earthly men and women, unless they ask for their help.

"And Wisdom is vindicated by Her children.

Once more an attack has taken place, this time is London, with 7 dead, and a further 49 killed, with a further several thousand being eeffected by the madness of the few.
the problem is, those few are dividing the many, bit by bit, with their strange ideologies and doctrines, which are from earthly teachings, and far from the Divine.
These attacks will continue, because these misguided fools have given up on their own lives, and listen to adults, who claim they know the Truth, and should be followed, due to the fellow Muslims be slaughtered in foreign lands, and because the innocent suffer so much in conflicts fought by the west, then some vengeful attacks are tolerated, by those from one earthly Religion or another.
The attacks have now spread this 17th of August to Spain, where 14 have lost their lives in a daesh/isis attack in Barcelona, with a further 100 injured.
Then in a second attack, 5 terrorists have been shot dead, while attacking and injuring others just outside Barcelona.
Then in Finland, 1 are dead, and several injured in an attack on the 18th of August 2017.
And while the madness arrives on European cities again, the USA, or more to the point, the Divided, States of America, is on the brink of Civil War, as more protests become more violent.
They are even pulling statues down pertaining to slavery and their old Civil War, which shows how divided the once United States of America truly are.
Now some might be asking, "Where is God."
And the answer is, that which is happening on your earth today, is because of the gift of freewill, which the few are using to bring forth evil upon your earth.
Religions and their peoples, mainly from Abraham's children three established man made Religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are more divided now than they have ever been, which is why these terror cells can strike at will, with no care of the Religion or Nations their victims come from, which proves how delusional their ideologies are, and how far they are from the Divine and their Truth.
Everything has its time and season.
What most do not comprehend about their loved ones who depart this earth, be it through wars or natural causes, and every thing in between, their Souls live on, and most of them are still about you when you care to accept their presence, or even acknowledge them.
Yet few ponder the Truth of Eternal Life, thinking, this man made hell is it, and it is man made, with nine billionaires and their families controlling almost 7.5bn earthly human beings and everything they do, from Religions, wars, governments, power, banking, property, finance, health care etc...
In the beginning you were created equal, male and female, created by not only a God Most High, but also a Goddess Most High, who is the female, Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus, which is why, in the beginning, they said, "Let (us) make man and woman in (our) image, after (our) likeness, which is the Truth of why God Most High was speaking in plural, as (us) and (our) are.
You have not been left alone upon this earth, but this the masses doubt, which is your earthly Religions fault, who do nothing but mock our Heavenly Father and Mother and all that is Divine, and they will not be mocked, as this earth will find out, before the children of the 60's and their children and children's children pass.
These are the remote generations Enoch and Daniel wrote of, many moons ago, which Joshua/Jesus/Isa also promoted through his teachings to his generation.
Fear not that which is coming to this earth, because just as in the days of Noah and Lot, they have to be, these days of darkness.

"Do not look at the darkness covering the Light,
see the Light coming through the darkness."

You are not alone, and at a time not far off, you will understand this Truth.

"Some have even entertained Angels without being aware of it."

To be continued...


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