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MY BOOK, "The Missing Truth, a Guide into all Truth." 2017.

After 18 years of visitations from Heavenly Being's/Spirit's, the most important being our Heavenly Mother, the Goddess Most High, the Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus, and countless hours of sleepless nights, reading through the writing's and revelations they were revealing to me over those last 18 years, studying, researching and writing about, and now blogging and tweeting @ about all that has been revealed to me, I am now reaching the end of my journey with my first book, which has been 2 years in the writing, and very slow progress at times due to the beast's of my mind, Cluster Headache's, or Suicide Headache's as they are called, but finally I am on the final edit of my book, "The missing Truth, a Guide into all Truth."
which will have something of interest to all Nation's and their People's, be you religious or not.
I will also Guide you into all Truth, though it is only a Guide, for each one of the 7.5bn…