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BBC TWO: Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?

Only two earthly human beings have ever been above the Solid Firmament and were taken there by Heavenly Human Beings, many moons ago, and those two earthly human beings were Enoch and Elijah, who left this earth in the bodies they were born into.
One man has ever even stepped foot on the Moon, regardless of what NASA and other Space Agencies would have you believe, but then again, they would tell you what this earthly Living Soul/Spirit is revealing to you is the writings of a madman, who hasn't a clue what he is talking or writing about.

"Yet Wisdom is vindicated by Her children."
I will watch with interest this programme as each candidate is eliminated from the process of supposedly becoming an Astronaut. Another Secret I will reveal is the Jesuits, the most feared Order within the Church of Rome, of whom Pope Francis 1 is one. Once upon Rome, and the Jesuits, in particular, would have executed any who dabbled in Astronomy, but now, in these latter days, they are the b…