Sunday, August 27, 2017

BBC TWO: Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?

Only two earthly human beings have ever been above the Solid Firmament and were taken there by Heavenly Human Beings, many moons ago, and those two earthly human beings were Enoch and Elijah, who left this earth in the bodies they were born into.
One man has ever even stepped foot on the Moon, regardless of what NASA and other Space Agencies would have you believe, but then again, they would tell you what this earthly Living Soul/Spirit is revealing to you is the writings of a madman, who hasn't a clue what he is talking or writing about.

"Yet Wisdom is vindicated by Her children."

I will watch with interest this programme as each candidate is eliminated from the process of supposedly becoming an Astronaut.
Another Secret I will reveal is the Jesuits, the most feared Order within the Church of Rome, of whom Pope Francis 1 is one.
Once upon Rome, and the Jesuits, in particular, would have executed any who dabbled in Astronomy,
but now, in these latter days, they are the biggest explorers of so called space, with the biggest amount of world telescopes in their control, with the biggest of them in America being called Lucifer.
Which is a true insult to the Divine Parents and Family above.
A Christian Church naming their telescope, which they once banned to the point of death, after Lucifer.
Yet few followers of that Church, or any religious faith, or even within this earth of 7.5bn earthly human beings upon earth, truly grasp the deception that has been going on since the time of Copernicus, Darwin and in these latter days, through NASA, and even less Question their Preachers, Teachers, Scientists, Cosmologists or Naturalists.

"Lucifer, Vatican Telescope."

My teaching comes from above, and not below, as most are taught.
Yet just as my first book, "The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth" by Aunidan Christi available on and, and, which reveals long forgotten Truth of the past, present and future, those who teach you, in whatever field of teaching they hail from, will deem my Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, as the writings and revelations of a madman, which they are not.
None of you will ever see what is below the Solid Firmament. from above.
Only the handpicked few, will ever see the deception the elite and elect of this earth are bringing forth as Truth, including the fact that this earth is not a globe/sphere, but is as the once Sacred Scriptures reveal, as flat as the soles of your feet, and claim your so called experts will scorn as deluded thinking from a man who has few exams to his names, and most certainly not any degrees or letters after my name.
Yet as I have already revealed, my teachings come from personal visitations by our Heavenly Father and Mother, the Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus, and many Heavenly Spirits, who have channelled through those close to me, and not so close to me over the last 18 years.
In those 18 years, I have also had many visions and dreams, which spawned endless hours of study, research, writing and talking to thousands, and then in these last 9 years tweeting on and of course on my blogs here, which eventually led to the writing of my first book, mentioned earlier, which is the first in a series of seven.

"Available on,,
Aunidan Christi"

The sun, moon and stars are below the Solid Firmament and the so called planets which your space agencies and Scientists claim they can see, are but not what they seem, and every photograph you will ever see of them, when you Google planets, are digital images, and not taken in real-time, including the earth, which is amazing, with almost 2,500 supposed satellites, supposedly flying above our heads, and not one perfect, real photo of earth, or beyond.
Even the so called Satellite images are digitally produced, and they are supposed to carry technology advanced cameras, including the Hubble Telescope, so why no real photographs?
Because none exist, because no earthly human being has ever travelled above the Solid Firmament, and never will, at least in this age.
Take a look at the real photograph below of Venus, taken with a very strong earthly telescope.
Does this look like any supposed photograph that NASA ever brought for, or does it look like any of the digital photographs you can Google online?
No, it does not.
What you know, or think you know, is put into your brains by your Parents, Preachers, Teachers, Scientists, Cosmologists and Naturalists, Radio, TV, Movies, Books, Documentaries etc...
But what you think you know is far from the Truth, as you will find out as these latter days come to their conclusion, and this Age winds down.
Those who try to make it into space, through their own wealth, thus far has failed, surprise, surprise.
Sir Richard Branson is a prime example.
Unless you are in the exclusive gang of the masters of the earth, no matter how much money you have, and the efforts you put into reaching your goals, all attempts will fail for fear of the Truth of a Solid Firmament above and a flat earth below getting out, which would ruin everything for the elite and elect of this earth, and their control and wealth, because the backlash, from the lies, would travel the four corners of the earth faster than anyone could control, as the WWW goes into meltdown with the Truth coming forth, and 7.5bn earthly human beings realise they have been lied to and conned out of their true inheritance, which all Children of the Most High's were placed upon earth to share as equals.
In the image, after the likeness of their Heavenly Father and Mother, Brothers and Sisters, earthly human beings.

Few upon earth truly understand the Truth or words they read within their earthly Holy books, and in the image, after the likeness means exactly what it says, we, earthly human beings, were created in the image, after the likeness of Heavenly Human Beings.
Instead you eventually believe in a 22-year-old man's theory of evilution, including your present Pope Francis 1 who has said in recent years, 'The evilution and creation could be compatible," which totally removes our Heavenly Father and Mother, and their Truth completely, which would be the Greatest Blasphemy of all, which is the plan of The Beast and his Dragons, and their disciples/offspring, the offspring of the fallen sons of the Most High God and Goddess, the Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus.
Then they can control completely the 500 million elite and elect left after the rest of the inhabitants have been destroyed
The rest would be in complete subject to The Beast, who instead of freeing those left of all burdens and bringing about peace, love and harmony, would, along with his children, continue to use and abuse those subject to him, including their women and children, the biggest cult ever in this Age.
Sadly for those trapped by The Beast, it is too late, because they turned from the Spirits of all Truth, and the Truth they revealed, and all because The Beast deceived them with his false promises.
As the Astronauts go through their docking manoeuvres, Chris Hadfield throws on speaking in Russian, as students try to dock with an imaginary space station.
Some students then reply in Russian, so Russian must have been a must when applying.

As the countdown to selection and student after student are eliminated one by one, Chris and his fellow judges are so critical, for what will be a hand-picked student, to a fantasy trip into space :(

Strangely enough, Astronauts train for alleged space travel under water.

I never saw the winner of the prize for the Astronaut who won this programme.
Once you know 100% that man didn't even step foot on the moon and that space travel is still but a dream or Holywood movie, then such imaginary programmes of lies are not to be watched, because they cloud the Truth and have you wrestling with doubt if the Soul within is not strong enough to resist conformity.
Watch the next time a private company tries to make it high enough to see the Truth and expanse of the flat earth below them, such as Richard Branson, they always fail, strangely enough.
Remember this Children of Earth, you know what you think you know because of your Preachers, Teachers, Scientists, Cosmologists, and Naturalists, and few, until recent years dared to question them.
Now the Children of Earth's Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding is increasing, and millions are now asking the questions their parents and grandparents dared not ask, for fear of being scorned, ridiculed and shunned.
The Children of Wisdom are Awakening this 2017 because they know great change is coming, and this their Souls feel in these latter days.
Sorry Major Tom, Chris, "Close, but no cigar."

"And Wisdom is vindicated by Her children."


"The Beginning is Near."

Photography by Aunidan Christi